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What Sets Us Apart

The financial industry is plagued with greed, causing a lot of people to mistrust professionals in our line of work.

We’re here to change that — because when you compare what’s “standard” in the industry to the level of service necessary to effectively manage one’s money, it’s clear that people have gotten the short end of the stick for far too long.

Our decision to start Liftoff Financial Planning all began with our agreement that the financial world is horribly broken and filled to the brim with missed and overlooked opportunities.

In order to provide a viable solution for these unfortunate circumstances, we set out to offer the in-depth, educated guidance individuals deserve to make the most out of the money in their pockets.

And as a fee-only, fiduciary firm, we will always put your interests ahead of our own (even if that means less money for us).

We give advice that’s right for you, not right for us. And like you, we work hard for our money, so we know first-hand how it important is it to save, spend and invest it wisely.

More About Us and What We Value:


We will always be upfront with you about the benefits and drawbacks of a particular course of action so you know the rationale behind every decision.


As financial planners, we’re invested in not only simplifying the challenges of managing your money but also in your overall happiness and well-being.


To ensure our services always stay ahead of the curve, we never stop learning about the industry and adjusting your financial plan accordingly.