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Launchpad is Here!

Launchpad is here! Jackson and I spent hours and hours to develop our personal finance 101 course, and it’s now for sale!

We started Liftoff because our passion is seeing people succeed. Success doesn’t mean having lots of money, but not having stable finances will certainly prevent you from living the life you were made for. More than anything, we want people to have a stress-free view of money, and know how to live within their means. Launchpad is how you can do that.

The course offers over 90 minutes of instruction on maximizing your income and spending, building a budget, setting up an emergency fund, and paying down debt. You also get our Launchpad worksheets that help you easily build and model your finances.

The world has been going through so much uncertainty, and we have had hundreds of people express that they are worried about the future. One of the biggest ways to stop being anxious is to educate yourself and start taking steps to get control of your finances.

We hope you will!